AutoProbe Selects Southern Illinois Distributor

AutoProbe Selects Southern Illinois Distributor

AutoProbe Technologies have named Cardinal Agriculture Services, Freeburg, IL, the Southern Illinois AutoProbe Distributor, according to a recent AgPR news release.


“The AutoProbe sets a new standard for taking soil samples,” says Ben Elliott, President and CEO, Cardinal Agriculture Services. “It’s state-of the art technology. It’s sophisticated soil sampling made easy.”

“We’re excited to be the first in the state of Illinois to sell and service AutoProbes,” Elliott continues. “We’ll provide either service using the AutoProbe or machines, parts, training and service support.”

Orders are being taken now for spring sampling services and fall service and AutoProbe machine delivery.


Jeff Burton, President, AutoProbe Technologies, LLC says, “Everything begins with the soil. And, all cropping decisions from nutrients to seed are determined by the soil test analysis. Sophisticated soil sampling offerecd by the AutoProbe insures more cores per sample. It’s just common sense the more cores you include per sample, the better quality results achieved.”

About Cardinal Agriculture Services

Cardinal Agriculture Services, Freeburg, IL, is owned by soil and plant nutrition consultants Ben Elliott and Andy Rynski.

Elliott, President and CEO of Cardinal Agriculture Services, has worked in the chemical formulating and research fields for the past 10 years, providing consultation services both nationally and internationally. He specializes in intensive management for growers adopting new practices based on biological aspects of decision making, data management and systems integration. He has also served as an advisor to chemical distributors, retailers and agronomists where soil microbiology is the main focus of his research and services.

Elliott has a BS in Agricultural Business from the University of Tennessee and a Masters Degree in Biology from Bethel University. He has worked with growers in 40 states and six international locations covering more than 50 crops for commercial production.

Rynski, co-owner of Cardinal Agriculture Services, attended Rend Lake College and was an independent pork producer before he transitioned to working as a site manager for Maschoff Pork Farms. He spent 10 years as a manager for a sow unit and finisher, then spent the next three years with John Deere as a service manager where he was educated on precision-ag and equipment for a six- store dealer network. It was then that Rynski transitioned into crop and livestock insurance where he specializes in livestock operations, precision policies and risk management.

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