Australia: Most Farmers Are Not Able to Realize Full Potential of Digital Technology

Australian farmer Andrew Slade got interested in ag tech while researching the possibilities of expanding the family business, reports Future Farming. “We invested quite heavily in labor-saving equipment. When we made our business as efficient as possible, I looked beyond that, trying to understand where the next rise in productivity was to come from. That lead me to agricultural digital technology.”


He applied for a Nuffield Farming Scholarship. “I started a project looking at digital technology and the ways to implement it. Last year I traveled to several countries to do my research: 16 weeks in the U.K., Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the U.S., Kenya, and South Africa. That gave me a good look into the different production systems and how they stack up.”

Andrew found that his own country of Australia is very well positioned in terms of productivity. “We don’t rely on government subsidies or have very much support. But my journey, especially my visit to Ukraine, made me realize that some countries are catching up really fast in the field of technology. This will lead to greater competition globally.”

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