Australia: Surveillance, Machine Learning Targets Skeleton Weed

Australia: Surveillance, Machine Learning Targets Skeleton Weed

THE use of drones to find skeleton weed is set to amp up with new technology aiming to greatly increase the amount of hectares that can be covered.


New remote sensing data collection technology to complement traditional surveillance methods is now being employed by program funder, the Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme (IFS), writes Travis King of Farm Weekly. 

IFS chair Rohan Day said a project began in 2015 to investigate the potential of remotely piloted aircraft, or drones, as a more efficient way to search for skeleton weed.

“There were two key areas of the project, to test the abilities of various drones and camera technologies, and to promote the development of machine learning software to identify and map skeleton weed from images captured by drones,” Mr Day said.


This has resulted in Precise AI, a company specializing in developing software applications to process large amounts of remote sensing data, to apply its Optiweed program, a unique weed mapping and detection platform, to the detection of skeleton weed.

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