Australia: $6.5 Million Raised for Ag Robotics Start-Up

Australia: $6.5 Million Raised for Ag Robotics Start-Up

A field robotics start-up based on technology created by the University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics has received a $6.5 million investment, thanks to Australia’s longest running research commercialization fund, Uniseed.


Founded by University of Sydney Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, and 2019 NSW Australian of the Year nominee Salah Sukkarieh, Agerris is an intelligent robotics company that has commercialised two robotics platforms designed to improve the productivity of livestock and horticultural farmers.

The start up’s focus will be to equip farmers and growers with cutting-edge air and ground field robotic systems, intelligent tools and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, to improve farm productivity and to support animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

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