AI, Drone Technology Set to Transform Chinese Agribusiness

The Chinese farmers’ traditional working scene, which usually featured a sweaty vest and chapped hands is gradually being converted by the country’s technological advancements in relation to  artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and a series of improvements in infrastructure, reports Zhang Hongpei of the Global Times.


The first touch of agricultural drones happened in 2015 with Li Zhiming, a cotton farmer based in Yuli county, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China’s largest cotton-growing area. At that time, some farmers around him had already applied the technology on their own plantations to spray pesticide in the air.

An agricultural drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle used for farming purposes in order to help increase crop production and monitor crop growth.

Li, being curious about the use of drones in agriculture, chose to give it a try by using a drone on his 4,900 mu (326.67 hectares) cotton farm, after which, he no longer had to endure tedious farm work.

“Drones have brought us greater efficiency and higher revenues,” Li told the Global Times over the weekend.

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