AI Creates More Jobs Than It Replaces

An oft-cited McKinsey report that predicted 30% of all workers may be displaced by technology and another 14% could be forced to switch jobs to keep up has cast AI in a threatening light. In fact, a ZipRecruiter survey that polled 11,000 workers found that 58% of job seekers think that AI will destroy more jobs than it creates, reports Lydia Dishman for Fast Company. 


So the company decided to dig more deeply to see if these fears had merit. And ZipRecruiter’s new report on the future of work challenges this thinking.

ZipRecruiter’s data scientists analyzed over 50 million job postings, surveyed hundreds of employers, and thousands of job seekers, and examined specific use cases in five transitioning industries. They found that AI created about three times as many jobs as it took away in 2018. What’s more, while employers are already using AI tools, 81% of those surveyed said they preferred to hire a human over putting in a completely autonomous system.

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