Agworld Announces Expansion into Canada

After recently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Agworld has announced its expansion into the Canadian marketplace. Agworld is currently already active in Australia, the U.S., New Zealand, and South Africa, making Canada the fifth major market where Agworld connects the agricultural industry through its world leading independent data platform.


Agworld CEO Doug Fitch: “Today over 100 million acres is paid for and managed in Agworld, making us the leading independent platform and our clients are recognizing the value we bring by innovation being captured and shared across multiple countries and being brought in to a local context, thus resulting in strong adoption and rapid growth. In the last 12 months we were getting an increasing number of calls from Canadian ag retailers, agronomists and growers, requesting Agworld to expand to Canada as they can see the value that Agworld will offer to their operation. Strong parallels can be drawn between the Canadian agricultural landscape and Agworld’s current markets, making expansion into Canada a natural next step for us.”

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