AgriHub: Connecting Brazilian Producers to Technologies Worldwide

AgriHub: Connecting Brazilian Producers to Technologies Worldwide

AGRIHUBEver since I started writing articles for, I have received many emails from companies and investors from around the world who wanted to understand a little more about Brazilian agriculture and existing technologies in my country. In this article, I wanted to share information about an initiative that hopes to transform the adoption of technologies in Brazilian agriculture.


AgriHub is an initiative of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Mato Grosso (FAMATO) — which represents 28 million acres of planted area between soybean, corn, and cotton, and also 29 million head of cattle — and Mato-Grossense Institute of Applied Economics (IMEA) and the National Rural Apprenticeship Service (SENAR-MT).

AgriHub is a network of innovation in agriculture and livestock, which identifies the needs of producers and connects them to startups, mentors, companies, researchers, and investors — and thus promotes the best adoption of technologies in the field. The goal is to solve the problems that farmers face daily on their properties.

In the past months, several cities in Mato Grosso have been visited and regional demands for solutions that do not exist in the Brazilian agribusiness have been raised. Today, we already have 40 registered producers that are part of the ALFA network. These producers will test new products, validate the technology, and even invest and participate in startup.


One of the actions is the first Agribusiness Hackathon in our region, which will be held June 9-11 and will be an excellent opportunity to develop new business ideas.

If you have a startup and want to understand how your technology can help in Brazil, I believe it is worth knowing the work of AgiHub that can help you. For more information, visit or

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