Agrian, TerrAvion Sign Partnership Agreement

TerrAvion has been integrated with the Agrian platform, the largest most widely adopted agricultural software in the U.S. This integration gives ag retailers, agronomists, and growers all over the country effortless access to TerrAvion’s high-resolution aerial imagery to support the actions they take based on information in the Agrian platform. Agrian’s unified information-sharing platform is built to make agronomy easier for all people involved from the retailer to the agronomist and farmer. Agrian’s platform fuels farm improvements by encouraging a holistic, full-systems approach to agronomic planning that allows users to benefit from the historical field and product performance, and share data electronically to ensure everyone is working from the same page. TerrAvion imagery will be sold by ag retailers through the Agrian platform making it convenient for growers to have one point of interaction and the ability to get the advice needed from their local store.


“When you bring together Agrian’s platform and the world’s leading high-resolution aerial imagery provider, farmers win through greater precision to support agronomic decisions,” says Lee Smith, Chief Commercial Officer of TerrAvion. “We are proud to partner with Agrian to help enable our customers with critical insights needed to promote sustainable farming and optimize crop yields.”

“TerrAvion low-cost, high-resolution imagery complements our platform in that it will help our customers manage their farms and inputs more efficiently,” Agrian CEO Nishan Majarian said. “Being able to monitor your fields effortlessly and regularly, helps the industry streamline inputs while saving expenses and increasing productivity.”

Agrian’s software standardizes mapping, scouting, soil sampling and analysis, crop protection, nutrition recommendations, and recordkeeping to provide a unified platform solution to the agriculture market. High-resolution imagery supports many of these tasks. With a flexible workflow and seamless communication with field equipment, crop advisors can effectively communicate with growers to improve productivity and reduce the costs of growing food, feed, and fiber safely and sustainably.


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