AgJunction Secures Three More Precision Agriculture Patents

AgJunction Inc. has announced three new patent allowances in the U.S. and Europe, according to a news release at Globe Newswire.


The first allowed patent describes an invention where position sensors (such as GNSS and IMU) are used to accurately locate a farm implement (such as a spray boom) with reference to the ground, standing crop, or other field features. Real-time compute engine processes control algorithms to compare sensor data with spatial data logged from a previous operation, or terrain model, to make control decisions which maintain desired implement height. Work order management systems and methods can be combined with the machine control functions of the invention to further automate operations, including agricultural operations involving multiple machines operating at multiple locations and sharing data with each other and with centralized data facilities.

The second patent, issued on August 20, U.S. patent no. 10,384,709 describes an invention for a steering wheel actuator mechanism that more easily allows for the retrofitting of steering control systems in tractors and other farm machinery. Some steering control systems may not fit in vehicles with certain console arrangements. Other steering control systems may obstruct the vehicle operator from normal hand placement on the steering wheel. This invention solves these issues for farmers wanting to add aftermarket autosteering to their farm machines.

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