Agenda Themes for 2020 VISION Conference Announced

The PrecisionAg® VISION Conference returns for a fourth year, Jan. 14-16, 2020 in Seattle, WA, U.S, with an event theme of “System of Systems.”


Precision agriculture in North America is taking a more wholistic view than ever, notes James C. Sulecki, Conference Chair and Chief Content Officer, Meister Media Worldwide. Yet there are still some remaining “bugs” and gaps in the data-linked precision ecosystem that hinder further adoption. These will be the “mission critical” areas of focus in 2020:

  • Imagery: Is Ag’s Future in the Sky?
    Whether by drone, fixed-wing, or satellite, remote sensing is taking quantum leaps in accuracy, interpolation, and predictive analytics. But timeliness and usability remain bugaboos.
  • Clean and Easy: Data’s Next Step
    Mission accomplished: Nearly everyone agrees it’s important to capture real-world field data. But what if it’s dirty data? Or unwieldy to handle and make use of?
  • Robotics and Automation in the Real World
    Never mind autonomous vehicles and unmanned fields – most of agriculture will be happy just to shed the industry’s most expensive, repetitive, dangerous, and backbreaking operations.
  • Precision Application and Crop Protection
    So-called “see and spray” and drone/UAV technologies threaten to upend a half-century-old model of crop protection application. How real is the threat?
  • Crop Input Development: Precision’s Current and Future Impact
    Many crop input suppliers are now deep into precision technology and digital farming. What does this mean for the farmer service model? For crop input distribution? For the R&D pipeline?
  • Ag Technology’s Inefficient Business Model
    Invent and fund a technological solution – then figure out whether agriculture might be able to put it to practical use. It’s not an efficient business model, especially given agriculture’s tight margins.
  • Technology’s Pull-Through Effect from Downstream
    Food processors and retailers, in a daily dialogue with consumers, are pulling harder and harder for greater transparency, traceability, and sustainability.

The 2020 conference themes were developed by Meister Media Worldwide and its Global Precision Initiative in consultation with the VISION Conference’s 2020 Advisory Board: Ernie Chappell, President & Founder, EFC Systems; Allan Fetters, Principal, AGceleration Advisory Service; Neil Horrom, Former Director of Digital Agronomy and Echelon, Nutrien; Sid Parks, Senior Product Manager, Agronomy Information Services, GROWMARK, Inc.; Marc Vanacht, Principal, AG Business Consultants; Michael Gomes, VP, Business Development IoT, Topcon Agriculture; and  Jonah Kolb, Managing Member, Moore & Warner Ag Group, LLC.

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