Ag Tech Expert Clay Mitchell to Speak at Nebraska Community College

Clay Mitchell

Clay Mitchell will speak at Northeast Community College in Norflolk, NE, on September 5.


A fifth generation farmer and a leading investor in farmland and agricultural technologies will be bringing his message to Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE, in September, according to an article on

Clay Mitchell, Waterloo, IA, will be speaking to agriculture students and to the public during his September 5 visit to the college.

Since 2000, Mitchell has farmed 3,000 acres of corn and soybeans near Waterloo. Mitchell Farm has been a leader in the use of automation in farming operations and has pioneered quality testing of field operations that uses satellite imagery, genomics, artificial intelligence, software and hardware.

While at Northeast, Mitchell will be speaking on specific practices he uses to improve his operation’s productivity.


“I think when people see ‘cover crops, technology, soil health, etc.’ the risk is that the audience is being sold a product, or that the talk is a general talk full of platitudes,” Mitchell said. “I think people get the most out of my presentation if I speak in specific and technical terms on the things I’m doing on my farm and what we do on our investment farms.”


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