Africa: How Smart Agriculture Can Transform the World

Did you know Algeria was a Mediterranean farming superpower? It was. Unfortunately, it lost its agricultural glory due to erratic rainfall and drought, reports Cape Business News.


In an effort to address this very challenge and in line with Algeria’s plan in early 2000 to improve the productivity and lower production cost, a major leapfrog has taken place, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This technology has helped a peach farmer in Algeria increase his yields, reduce impact on the environment, and cut irrigation costs. The results are phenomenal and promise significant opportunity for Algeria.

Why Algeria

In Africa’s largest country, the agricultural sector contributes 10% of the country’s GDP and almost 4% of the land is dedicated to farming, according to the Algerian Agriculture Ministry. The sector is a critical artery to the economy’s heart, yet it faces severe challenges – stringent water restrictions are imposed by the government and farmers are plagued by drought. Though Algeria has been implementing modern irrigation system especially from 2000, it critically needs a further push to improve the production.

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