8 European Agricultural Drone Startups You Should Know About in 2019

Modern and efficient farm equipment lets farmers improve their produce, reduce input costs, reduce work and increase comfort, and more, reports Silicon Canals. Such precision agriculture equipment produces higher yields with reduced pesticides and increases the efficiency of the agricultural area.


With the advancement in technology, several companies are using drones and robots to improve crop production. While field robots are not commonly used, drones are taking off in precision agriculture. Drones are used to capture images and provide data to monitor crops starting from planting to harvest. With drones, farmers can react faster to threats such as weeds, climatic changes, etc. and take appropriate actions in real-time. As drones are flying high in precision farming, Silicon Canals lists eight European startups that use agricultural drones.

Atmos UAV (The Netherlands)

Founders: Dirk Dokter, Joost Bouman, Ruud Knoops, Sander Hulsman
Year Founded: 2013

Why it’s hot: Based in Delft, Atmos UAV has developed an industrial drone, which is a helicopter and an aeroplane crossover. Dubbed Marlyn UAV, this drone is a hybrid industrial-grade photogrammetry drone, which is easy and efficient. The drone serves a multitude of purposes including land and construction surveying, protection of forestry, open-pit mining, and precision agriculture.

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