7 Points to Consider When Going Digital in Agriculture

7 Points to Consider When Going Digital in Agriculture

Technology in agriculture started as early as the 1960s. The decades that followed brought significant improvements in machine and methods, and technology presented novel methods of dealing with the imminent food crisis, writes CropIn Technology CEO Krishna Kumar on Entrepreneur.com. But it wasn’t till the post-Internet boom that the use of software and mobile devices entered the world of agro-tech and ushered in the era of digital farming.


Digital farming, the application of location-based data and other relevant agronomic information to scientifically augment the cultivation process from sowing to harvesting, encompasses every step in the journey of agriculture. As per a recent research report, the global smart farming market is expected is expected to touch $23.14 billion by 2022, showing a compound annual growth rate of almost 20 per cent from 2017 to 2022.

Why Does Digital Farming Need to Succeed?

The benefits of technology in agriculture are more than apparent. While developed countries have been early adopters, the lure of adopting a more scientific and technologically aware approach towards food production is now seeing widespread adoption in Asian countries and in Africa.

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