7 Brazilian Ag-Tech Startups That Are Making Smart Farmers Even Smarter

In 2018, Brazil had over 230 million cows chewing their cuds – about 22% of the 1.02 billion cows living on this planet – and consequently was the world’s largest exporter of beef that year, according to an article at Nanalyze. They’re not just a world leader in the production of beef, but also coffee (around 37% of global total), sugar (almost 20% of the global total), and orange juice (more than 50% of the global total). With the country’s revenues from agriculture reaching $84.6 billion, it makes sense that there would be some agriculture technology (ag tech) startups cropping up in the Land of the Holy Cross.


The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics has noted the efforts this South American country has been making to advance the use of technology in farming. For example, tractor use in the country has grown by almost 50% in the past decade while crop irrigation use has increased by 52%. The agricultural sector is now working hand-in-hand with the tech world to capture big data and turn it into insights for “precision farming,” something we talked about in our article on 6 IoT in Agriculture Solutions from AgTech Startups. Today, we’re going to look at seven Brazilian ag-tech startups that are making smart farmers even smarter.

PROMIP. Founded in 2006, Santa Catarina company PROMIP has taken in $6.2 million in funding so far to develop “bio-insecticides” for long-term pest prevention that are more friendly to the environment than synthetic insecticides. It’s not just about saving the environment. Using biological solutions alongside chemicals can reduce a farm’s production costs by 15% given all the safety and regulatory issues associated with using chemicals.

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