EU: Digital Advancements Continue to Drive Adoption

Modern agriculture and farming is leading to adopt technically advanced products and digitization of the farming which are helping to transform the existing farming procedures. This industry is effectively developing and conducting procedures based on the big data. The algorithm and software are created to use important data.


Additionally, the players offering the digital farming solutions are increasingly investing in the improving the product. Also, some companies are entering in to partnerships and agreement for improvement of products. For instance, recently in November, 2018, CNH Industrial N.V. one of the companies offering the digital farming solutions has accounted their agreement with Farmers Edge Inc, according to EuroPlat.

The Farmers Edge Inc. is agri-tech company focused on data analyzing and decision-support systems. With this collaboration, CNH Industrial N.V. is expanding its product portfolio. These launch of advanced products is fuelling adoption of these farming techniques and likely to propel growth of the global digital farming market.

Additionally, through the digital farming solutions the user can access the various equipment and other facilities such as remote sensors and drones for collection of data through automated methods. Thanks to these advancements, the adoption of the digital farming solutions is growing which is likely to propel growth of the global digital farming market.

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