2017: The Inflection Year for Indian Agtech

The Series C funding of $10 million in Skymet recently announced epitomizes the growing interest of investors in Indian agtech space, writes Hemendra Mathur on YourStory.com.


In addition to Skymet, two other Indian agtech start-ups — EM3 and Agrostar — were able to attract $10 million cheque in this calendar year in their respective Series B funding rounds.

This year has been more promising than the previous year for the agricultural sector, which has traditionally been a misunderstood sector among a majority of investors.

A total of $30 million raised in 2017 across three deals stated above is approximately one fourth of the total aggregate funding which Indian agtech sector has received in last four years (2013-2017) across 60 odd deals. Clearly, the increase in number of deals and larger size of investments in Indian agtech in 2017 marks an inflection point for the sector.


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