2 Mixing Bowl Events Slated for March

2 Mixing Bowl Events Slated for March

FORBES & The Mixing Bowl’s “A Discussion of Technology’s Role in Changing Food and Farming at Scale & The Fight for the Fork.”


FORBES MIXING BOWL NYC will explore how information technology can be harnessed to solve challenges in food and agriculture. Thought leaders, innovators, executives, and investors in food, agriculture, and technology will gather at Forbes on Fifth to engage in substantive dialogue on the role of technology in “changing food & farming at scale” and the “fight for the fork”.

From the artisanal food producer to the largest farming operation, there are a variety of technologies that are improving the performance of food producers at all scale. Even a small farming operation selling via a CSA and a farmers market may be using software for logistics, customer management and payment. At the opposite end of the spectrum, large CPG manufacturers are needing to “de-scale” mass manufacturing and marketing approaches to account for subgroups of consumers with various tastes and media habits. What new roles are technology playing at operations at different scale in food and agriculture and how is technology enabling operations to change the scale at which they operate?

Via different media – from traditional media to social networks, shopping and delivery apps, and even AI-based smart agents – consumers are receiving more information regarding the food they should consume. Information technologies – from wearable devices to nutritional apps – are also capable of conveying information on the health impact of consuming certain foods. How are these different information technologies changing the purchase and consumption habits of food consumers and are they leading to greater food literacy and healthful outcomes?

The exploration of these themes and interaction of participants from all aspects of our food system will create a more substantial engagement that will unearth new insights and foster new forms of uncommon collaboration through moderated discussions, a start-up pitch competition, interactive-themed breakout sessions, and a networking reception.


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Getting Water Tech Flowing for Agriculture: A Western Growers “Deeper Dive” on Agtech Innovation.

Join a lively discussion on March 27th as we explore opportunities to drive innovation and collaboration in water management technology. We will look at balancing the promise of new ag technologies, with the realities of farming, to create value for growers.

Not only will we take a deeper look into the water management challenges, but also the obstacles that water technologists are overcoming to create real solutions that work for California’s central valley agriculture.

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