PrecisionAg Awards Of Excellence Winners Honored At InfoAg

PrecisionAg Awards Of Excellence Winners Honored At InfoAg

Winners of the PrecisionAg Institute’s Awards of Excellence were honored during the opening session at The 2014 InfoAg Conference Tuesday in St. Louis. The awards recognize outstanding work and achievement in precision technology research, education, development and adoption.


Educator/Researcher Award | Dr. Matthew Darr, Iowa State darrsmallUniversity

Darr holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Master of Science Degree from the University of Kentucky Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. His research program focuses on the use of embedded systems and advanced instrumentation to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and control capacity of agricultural systems including those for food, fiber and energy production.

Crop Adviser/Entrepreneur Award | Chris Fennig, MyFarms LLC

Fennig’s family has beefennigsmalln raising corn and soybeans for four generations in Indiana.  He and his father, Steve Fennig, had the idea for MyFarms in 2010 after spending years studying how other supply chains share data. Today they serve thousands of farmers and dozens of suppliers to make better decisions.




Farmer Award | Tony Alameda, San Juan Bautista, CA

Alameda is a partner in Topflavor Farms with his father and two brothers where they grow more than 6,000 acres of vegetables each year throughout California and Arizona. Spinach comprises about 20% of the company’s production.

Legacy Award | Dr. Scott Shearer, The Ohio State University, and Dr. Joe Tevis, Topcon Precision Agriculture

Shearer received formal training in agricultural engineering from The Ohio State University and was awarded B.S., M.S. anshearersmalld Ph.D. degrees in 81, 83 and 86. Currently, he serves as Professor and Chair of the Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at The Ohio State University. During his 28-years in academia his research efforts have focused on spectral and spatial image processing for the extraction of features for classifying agricultural settings; and controls and methodologies for metering and distribution of inputs (e.g., seed, fertilizer and chemicals) in grain crop production systems. His current research activities include autonomous multi-vehicle field production systems and unmanned aerial systems for remote sensing.

Tevis received a PhD in Agricultural Engineering from Iowa State University in 1991 studying computational fluid mechanics. He began his career in precision agricutevissmalllture as a Post Doctoral Research appointment at Texas A&M University studying the spatial distribution and management of agronomic variables in cotton. In 2011, Dr. Tevis was employed by Topcon Precision Agriculture as Director, Agronomic Products and Services. He also represents Topcon in two data standards groups, including AgGateway where he serves as chair of the SPADE project.


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