EFC Systems’ FieldAlytics Now Available in Canada

According to an AgPR news release, FieldAlytics is now available in Canada through FieldAlytics Solutions Canada, Inc.


This new company is the exclusive marketing organization for the EFC Systems, Inc.’s FieldAlytics suite of precision agriculture and field data management tools throughout Canada. FieldAlytics has been used by a select group of Canadian equipment dealers for over five years, but has not been widely available in Canada.

“We look forward to this new organization to efficiently bring the FieldAlytics solution to the Canadian marketplace,” said Ernie Chappell, CEO of EFC Systems Inc. “The combination of local presence of a highly experienced team along with the proven comprehensive platform that FieldAlytics has become will quickly bring value to retailers and equipment dealers.

Building on its Canadian user experience, FieldAlytics Solutions Canada will provide a complete suite of digital geospatial products and support that are distinctly relevant to Canadian producers, input suppliers and equipment dealerships. In addition to geospatial data platforms, FieldAlytics offers climate solutions, background imagery, satellite imagery, production management and planning modules, all of which are uniquely adapted for Canadian use, Canadian units of application and Canadian production processes.


“We believe there’s a significant gap in Canada for a complete digital production management system for both growers and their trusted advisors,” stated FieldAlytics Solutions Canada COO, Wilson Johnston. “After years of running an agronomic business using FieldAlytics, I’ve recognized the outstanding value of the tool for trusted advisors who are trying to help growers make better production decisions. There’s no easy button for providing production advice, and you probably shouldn’t trust anyone who claims that there is. But there are strong tools that can elevate the analysis and decisions made by advisors and progressive growers. FieldAlytics is still the best tool I’ve seen or used in that regard.”

“Our mission is to place and support FieldAlytics with input dealers, equipment dealers and independent agronomy services who have strong existing customer relationships,” said Devin Dubois, CEO of FieldAlytics Solutions Canada. “These field-level organizations have loyal, long-term customers and we’re aiming to help them entrench their customer relationships.” Dubois added,  “We’re not Silicon Valley – we’re prairie people who’ve been in agriculture for years, sustainably building on a quality, tested tool to improve ag production in Canada.”

FieldAlytics is one of the longest-established cloud-based geospatial tools for agriculture, providing a complete suite of geospatial, financial and planning tools for agriculture.

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