Yara Transforms Smartphones into Nitrogen Sensors

Yara Transforms Smartphones into Nitrogen Sensors

The YaraIrix system includes a free-to-download app (for Android & iOS), which uses the smartphone camera to determine nitrogen demands of different crops in early growth stages, writes John Williams on WorldFertilizer.com.


For later growth stages, the app is supplemented by two hardware options (a smartphone clip and a Bluetooth N-Tester).

“Every field is different. By enabling farmers to simply use their smartphones for precision farming, YaraIrix is a game changer that can ultimately provide millions of farmers with new insight about their crops. We are now taking the first steps with the launch of YaraIrix across Europe. With access to precise data about the nutritional needs of crops, we can produce more food and reduce the environmental impact of farming at the same time,” says Stefan Fürnsinn, SVP Digital Farming.

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