Yara International Acquires Agronomic Technology Corp.

Yara International Acquires Agronomic Technology Corp.

Yara International completed the acquisition of Agronomic Technology Corp (ATC), which operates Adapt-N, a leading nitrogen recommendation platform in the US that improves farmer profitability and agricultural sustainability.


In line with Yara’s strategy to accelerate its investments in digital farming, Yara completed the acquisition of ATC, which offers farmers and advisors solutions such as Adapt-N and N-Insight to optimize fertilizer use on individual field zones. Combining scientific multi-variable modelling of crops, weather, and field data, ATC’s solutions enable online diagnostic and simulation of farmers’ choices to maximize yield, input cost efficiency, and the sustainability of farming.

“ATC will help us implement our farmer-centric strategy and is an important building block in expanding our position in Digital Farming,” said Terje Knutsen, Executive Vice President, Crop Nutrition, Yara. “It is another important contribution to our mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet,” Knutsen continues.

The scientific focus and experience of the ATC team will further strengthen Yara’s position as the leading crop nutrition provider. “We are impressed with the accuracy and quality of Adapt-N’s recommendations compared to other products in the market, and are excited about the opportunities that arise from combining the highly complementary digital solutions of the two companies”, said Stefan Fürnsinn, Senior Vice President, Digital Farming, Yara.

ATC combines an experienced cross-functional team of agronomists, modellers, software developers and entrepreneurs. The company’s Adapt-N solution builds on decades of research initiated by Cornell University and involving dozens of leading partner organizations, resulting in broad scientific validation. The company, which is based in both New York and Silicon Valley, already has a strong commercial position in corn in the US, and is expanding to other crops and geographies, which will now be significantly accelerated together with Yara’s global footprint and knowledge.

“Our team is excited about Yara’s digital solutions and the company’s genuine commitment to helping farmers improve their financial and environmental performance. Joining our advanced technology and data-driven capabilities with a leading crop nutrition company like Yara provides a tremendous opportunity to scale globally, innovate across a wider product portfolio and crop base, and maintain focus on the success and sustainability of all farmers and those who serve them,” said Steve Sibulkin, CEO, ATC.

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