SST Issues Sirrus, Summit Updates

SST Issues Sirrus, Summit Updates

SST Software today announced releases of upgrade versions of their flagship desktop software and iOS mobile application.


Development teams have taken user feedback and incorporated new features and performance enhancements that will keep both of these agriculture data collection and processing platforms at the forefront of precision agriculture, the company claims.

“Our development teams, Product Managers and really everyone in the organization pulled together to deliver one of the biggest release efforts in company history,” said Beth Clarke, Director of Product Management. “It’s a true testament to SST’s culture of innovation and understanding our users’ needs.”

Sirrus, a mobile app designed to be used in the field, received a full version upgrade from V3.5.4 (V1.8.3 on iPhone) to Version 4.0 in late February, and another update with significant feature enhancements was released as Version 4.1 in March. Sirrus V4.0 launched as a universal application designed to operate on either iPad or iPhone, negating the need for separate applications that run on the two devices. The upgrade includes an improved user interface on the home screen, added support for surface analysis layers, irrigation activities and a new comparison map view that allows users to select virtually any two data layers for a field and compare them in a side-by-side view.


“This was a really big release,” said Colt Silvers, Sirrus Product Manager. “I think Sirrus users will be excited to see the updated Home section that provides quick access to collected Growth Stages, Crop Conditions, active REIs, and Yield Surface Analysis, as well as, PDF Quick Reporting capability for every data layer type.”

The latest update to Sirrus (V4.1) includes support for Planting Recommendations and SSURGO 2 Soil Type data layers and simplified boundary creation with a new Pick-a-Field feature.

SST Summit is software created for Windows-based desktop and laptop computers with the benefit of cloud technologies for automated processing, data synchronization, storage and recommendation delivery. The newest version of SST Summit is 8.4.0. Users upgrading from version 8.3.3 will realize performance improvements through faster sync times as well as the ability to select subsets of growers, data types and seasons to maintain smaller data sets on their local instance of SST Summit.

“This new capability gives our users much greater control over how and when they access their data,” said Adam Lundblade, SST Summit Product Manager. “The new options for data-set selection combined with streamlined agX Connections management will show users real productivity gains”

SST Summit and Sirrus are both agX compliant applications allowing seamless real-time connections of the office and in-field solutions. Users of both desktop and mobile applications can find additional details about these upgrades as well as view tutorial videos linked to the applicable product pages on the SST Software website.

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