Slingshot Launches New Website

Slingshot Launches New Website

Raven Industries has launched an all new website aimed at helping growers and dealers better understand how Slingshot can help their operation. This new website includes a comprehensive overview of the entire product line, compatibility information, FAQs, and even a How to Get Started section. If you have questions on RTK coverage, data transfer, and how it all works, visit today to discover the answer to these questions and so much more.


Slingshot is a combination of online and RTK tools centered on high-speed wireless internet in the cab. It all starts with the Slingshot Field Hub, an industrial grade wireless modem built for the toughest conditions. Compatible with up to 3G wireless networks, the

Slingshot Field Hub is the most advanced wireless hardware on the market today offering up a very robust connection for RTK and Online services.

Slingshot Field Hub, The Slingshot Field Hub and Fleet View Field Hub are a small, unassuming addition to the cab that is designed to work with all major cell phone networks, including the CORS networks. The hub also provides unrestricted high-speed internet, opening the door to all kinds of new services for both Raven and non-Raven electronic devices.


Slingshot RTK: Eliminate the typical line-of-sight and short range issues you have with a typical radio RTK system. Slingshot RTK is also compatible with CORS networks, as well as a variety of precision ag GPS, steering and hardware providers.

Slingshot Online: Data transfer, remote support, and internet access via your Raven field computer. Downtime is a thing of the past thanks to remote support capabilities, putting tech support in the cab with you to keep you up and running. No more USB jump drives—keep your field data in a secured online account that you can access anywhere you have internet access, streamlining your precision ag operation in a way you thought never possible.

Raven is currently running a contest which will award one winner a complete RTK steering system including a Slingshot Field Hub and a Cruizer II. To enter visit

If you have questions about Slingshot visit, or call toll free at (800) 243-5435.

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