Raven Launches AutoBoom XRT Radar-Based Boom Control

Raven Launches AutoBoom XRT Radar-Based Boom Control

Raven Industries announced today the release of AutoBoom XRT, the latest advancement in boom control. AutoBoom XRT’s radar sensor technology uses simultaneous ground and canopy detection to maintain optimal spray height for maximum product efficacy, according to the company. Pressure-based control allows for smooth movement and quicker reaction time, while center rack stability technology with optional dampers gives the operator complete control, maximizing boom life.


Customers have been pro-actively providing feedback about their positive experiences, including Jason Pavlu of Simpson Farm Enterprises.

“AutoBoom XRT is another superior product from Raven that I won’t spray without,” said Pavlu. “It’s the only boom control product on the market today that does exactly what it is supposed to do. To say it simply — it just works.”

“The release of AutoBoom XRT shows Raven’s continued commitment to machine control innovation,” said Brian Meyer, Division Vice President of Raven Applied Technology. “Accurate boom height and control is critical in reducing misapplication, drift and operator fatigue.


AutoBoom XRT is the only full boom management solution on the market that has consistently proven to achieve maximum product efficacy.”

AutoBoom XRT is available as an aftermarket kit today with additional kits scheduled for release in January.

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