RapidEye Completes Africa Imagery, Adds Distributor

RapidEye Completes Africa Imagery, Adds Distributor

Geospatial solution provider RapidEye recently announced that it has completed an extensive imagery campaign over Africa, and has signed a distribution agreement with Ramani Geosystems located in Kenya.


The contract allows Ramani to distribute RapidEye products throughout the entire continent of Africa except Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara.

“Ramani is our first sub-Saharan distributor and we are very excited about expanding our awareness and finding new customers on this continent,” commented John Ahlrichs, Vice President of RapidEye. “Ramani’s market position in East Africa, their willingness to form partnerships with other companies and their interest in agressively promoting our data products were impressive and significant factors in our decision making process.”

“We are very excited about being distributors for RapidEye,” said Daniel Haywood, Managing Director of Ramani Geosystems. “Offering the available products to our clients here in East Africa, we feel that they are ideal for many key applications required in this part of the world. The large constellation of satellites enhances maximum acquisition opportunities which can be a challenge in this region. The 5m imagery is a great decision aid and we use the products to help design detailed areas of interest before undertaking aerial photography and LiDAR surveys. This saves on time and money having ensured that the appropriate areas are flown.”


The Africa imagery campaign, which ran for 25 weeks from September of 2010 until March 1, 2011, produced more than 41 million square miles of the continent of Africa, which is now available for purchase from the RapidEye Library.

“This is another amazing demonstration of what our system is capable of achieving,” commented Michael Oxfort, RapidEye’s Head of Engineering. “We tasked our satellites to acquire over 4,200 takes over the entire continent of Africa. Many areas of rainforest, such The Democratic Republic of the Congo, have been collected with great success and very little cloud cover.”

To find the most current list of RapidEye’s worldwide distributors visit http://www.rapideye.de/home/aboutus/distributors/index.html.

If you interested in an area over Africa or any other continent send inquiries to [email protected].

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