RainWise Celebrates 41 Years

RainWise Celebrates 41 Years

RainWise is pleased to be celebrating more than 40 years of devotion to our clients based on our promise to helping both small and large scale farmers produce more from their land, while conserving resources like water and energy to help build a flourishing community through agriculture.


RainWise has worked with agricultural industry leaders, distributors and companies to gather data and insight on how to meet our client needs. This research, along with a partnership with Cornell University’s Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) program has lead to the design of our AgroMET weather station, which is specifically made with the grower in mind. This solar powered weather station collects on site environmental data critical to making informed decisions for the best practices of planting, spraying and watering schedules. Not only is this information useful to it’s individual user, but with a program like NEWA and the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program (NYSIPM) which has nearly 300 RainWise units currently active, users are able to network and gain information from other local weather stations to help better predict peak disease and pest risk. RainWise proudly serves the agricultural industry, noting more than 10,000 weather instruments have been sold to ag-related businesses.

Carsten Steenberg, CEO of RainWise, Inc. says, “The agricultural industry is going through an exciting period of technological advancements. RainWise will continue to innovate and provide quality professional and agricultural weather instrumentation affording highly accurate data collection for collection, analysis and incorporation into many sophisticated enterprise, industrial and consumer applications.”

AgroMET weather station data is now easier than ever to access. The IP-100 facilitates unprecedented transmission and access to real time weather data from your AgroMET weather station. Whether connecting online through your computer to our data hosting portal, rainwise.net to the RainWise iPhone, iPad and Android apps, or by instantly uploading your data to the Weather Underground’s personal weather station (PWS) Network, the IP-100 makes your weather data available to you any time and anywhere.