’s 17 Most Read Stories in 2017’s 17 Most Read Stories in 2017

Roughly speaking, we’re a little over two weeks away from blowing out the candles on 2017. It’s been a bizarre year, to say the least, but it’s also been an interesting last 12 months in the world of precision farming.


So, as most websites tend to do around this time of the year with the flow of hard news truncated by holiday celebrations, we figured we’d give you a chance to go back and relive some of 2017’s biggest developments in the world of ag tech.

Here are our 17 most-viewed articles from 2017 (views stats current as of 12/13/2017; stats via WordPress):

  1. 15 Precision Agriculture Companies To Watch In 2016 (Opinion); by Matthew J. Grassi; 72,526 views
  2. Data Aggregation Service Goes Nationwide; 26,238 views
  3. Top 10 Most Intriguing People in Precision Farming; by Matthew J. Grassi & Paul Schrimpf; 14,751 views
  4. Top 10 Technologies In Precision Agriculture Right Now; by Lisa Heacox & Eric Sfiligoj; 11,600 views
  5. Opinion: The Agricultural Drone War Is Over, And They Lost; by Ben D. Johnson; 8,021 views
  6. 17 Field Scouting Apps For Precision Agriculture; by Matt Hopkins; 6,715 views
  7. Top 10 Most Intriguing Technologies in Agriculture; by Matthew J. Grassi & Paul Schrimpf; 4,146 views
  8. The Top 10 People In Precision Agriculture; by Matthew J. Grassi; 4,074 views
  9. John Deere Upgrades Generation 4 Display Capabilities; 3,641 views
  10. DuPont Acquires Ag Tech Startup Granular for $300 Million 3,009 views
  11. PERSPECTIVE: Is Bayer’s Highly Anticipated xarvio App the Next Uber for Ag?; by Matthew J. Grassi; 2,610 views
  12. 2017’s Most Influential Precision Farming Advocates; by Matthew J. Grassi & Paul Schrimpf; 2,303 views
  13. The Grower Perspective: What I Want From My Ag Retailer; by John Reifsteck; 2,096 views
  14. 10 New Mobile Apps for Precision Agriculture; by Matt Hopkins; 2,092 views
  15. Opinion: The Yearly Death of Ag Data; by Nathan Faleide; 2,092 views
  16. DroneDeploy Announces John Deere API; 2,068 views
  17. Imagery: Show Me the Money; by Lisa Prassack; 1,943 views