Irrigation Systems Becoming Increasingly More Precise

Irrigation Systems Becoming Increasingly More Precise

The same variable rate technology that makes ground rig applicators more precise is also being deployed through sprinkler irrigation systems, reports Candace Krebs of


Arnold Page is the central region sales representative for Agri-Inject, a Yuma, CO-based company that makes injection systems for liquid fertilizer and crop protection products that are applied through irrigation systems.

He was a sponsor and exhibitor at the recent Oklahoma Irrigation Conference held in Woodward, where he talked about how the latest cutting edge technology is being integrated into center pivot irrigation systems.

“We are actually creating prescriptions that go inside the GPS panel on your pivot that change the inputs that are applied based on soil type or yield goals,” he said. “We’re using the sprinkler system in the same way we would use a sprayer. It’s something that’s really new.”

Variable rate irrigation allows a sprinkler to be programmed to turn on and off in increments of time as it crosses a field, which allows for the application of more water in some areas and less in others. Agri-Inject systems simply add to the precision capabilities by using a variable frequency drive to adjust fertilizer and chemical rates from a control panel mounted next to the center pivot’s motor.

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