Industrial IoT Company Intros Remote Asset Monitoring Sensor

Industrial IoT Company Intros Remote Asset Monitoring Sensor

FreeWave Technologies today announced the general availability of the WAVECONTACT WC30i-AXIS Wireless Angle Sensor. This sensor measures thief hatch states (closed, cracked, open) and movement of pump jacks. As the only Class I, Div 1 wireless angle sensor on the market, the WC30i-AXIS enables real-time and exception reporting to monitor and alert the position of thief hatches and pump jacks in the field.


The WC30i-AXIS sensor connects to a thief hatch or any asset where motion detection is crucial to maintain Class I, Div 1 safety and environmental regulation compliance, particularly in oil and gas. By alerting operations personnel of thief hatch movement, the possibility of fugitive emissions is mitigated. This greatly improves EPA and state compliance for well sites, as unmonitored thief hatches are among the most common reasons for fugitive emissions and compliance violations in the oil and gas industry.

“Compliance to EPA and state standards for reduction of fugitive emissions is crucial to operators in oil and gas, both to ensure safe operation and operational efficiency. The WC30i-AXIS can help mitigate noncompliance fines considerably,” said Michelle Marceny, senior product line manager at FreeWave. “The WC30i-AXIS allows operators in a variety of industries beyond oil and gas, including water/wastewater treatment and agriculture, to monitor and alert when crucial stationary assets in the field are moved.”

The WC30i-AXIS connects to FreeWave’s WAVECONTACT wireless system through the WC45i gateway for easy and quick deployment where wired installations are cost prohibitive in industrial automation implementations. The WAVECONTACT system has been designed for deployment in Class I, Div 1 hazardous locations.


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