FBN Announces Canadian Expansion, Dealer Acquisition

FBN Announces Canadian Expansion, Dealer Acquisition

Farmers Business Network (FBN) today announced its international expansion into Canada for the 2018 growing season, and the acquisition of Yorkton Distributors in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Canadian farmers can now take advantage of the rapidly growing FBN network providing growers valuable agronomic information, input price transparency, and input e-commerce.


“Since we launched in 2015, we’ve had tremendous interest from Canadian farmers. We’re excited to now be able to directly serve Canadian farmers with the FBN Analytics system and the FBN Direct e-commerce platform,” said Tom Staples, General Manager for Farmers Business Network Canada. “We’re ready to serve farmers across the prairie provinces, building a network that will boost their profitability.”

Canadian farmers can now share data about agronomic practices, seed performance and price intelligence regarding seed and crop protection products, benchmark and reap the benefits of FBN Direct. The FBN Crop Marketing platform will be available in Canada later this year. With the FBN Direct e-commerce platform, farmers can purchase inputs directly online with transparent, “no-haggle pricing,” farmer-friendly financing programs and the ease and convenience of online purchasing.

“A big challenge for Canadian farmers has been the lack of transparent pricing for inputs,” said Staples. “The FBN network has helped level the playing field through networking farms together, democratizing information and providing market transparency. All the more critical in a tough farm economy with more consolidation on the horizon.”


After getting started in Canada earlier this winter, more than 1.8 million acres of Canadian farms from Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario have already joined the FBN network. As part of its Canadian launch, the company has hired more than ten Canadian employees to serve its rapidly growing Canadian member base. The FBN Canada operations will be based out of High River, Alberta.

FBN is Teaming Up with Yorkton Distributors

In addition to hiring a quickly-expanding team across Canada, the FBN network has also teamed up with Yorkton Distributors, a leading ag retailer from Yorkton, Saskatchewan through an acquisition earlier this month. By teaming up, FBN and Yorkton Distributors can provide Canadian farmers with access to a wide selection of popular seed and crop protection products, including generic and branded products from major manufacturers. The acquisition represents a major investment into bringing a world class data analytics and transparency platform to Yorkton Distributors’ growing customer base.

High Growth From Farmers Business Network, Inc.

The Canadian expansion comes on the heels of dramatic momentum for the FBN network in recent months. The FBN network now serves over 21 million acres of farmland throughout North America. The company also announced a groundbreaking partnership in December with Calyxt to expand the distribution and grower base of Calyxt’s identity-preserved high oleic soybeans in the upper Midwestern United States.

Creating an Independent Farm Economy to Put Farmers First

The idea for the FBN network originated from farmers who wanted to create an independent, farmer-driven information and commerce network. In the past, important information such as fair market input prices, real-world seed performance, or optimal grain delivery points were hidden from farmers or difficult to determine. The FBN network makes all this information transparent in a no frills way – driven by real-time statistics from its millions of acres of member farms.

With the price transparency and online purchasing through FBN Direct, farms have commonly saved tens of thousands on inputs, even as much as $120,000 in a single year. Yearly FBN membership is a flat fee with no punishing acreage fees, making it easily affordable for farms of all sizes.

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