Farmers Edge Announces U.S. Seed Dealer Collaboration

Farmers Edge Announces U.S. Seed Dealer Collaboration

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Farmers Edge is colloborating with Phillips Seed Farms.


Farmers Edge recently announced a collaboration with Phillips Seed Farms Inc., a full-line seed company servicing Midwest and Southern U.S. States.

According to a press release from Farmers Edge, Phillips Seed dealers spanning across Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, and Colorado will access the Winnipeg, MB-based ag tech outfit’s suite of precision digital solutions, including: daily satellite imagery, on-farm weather stations, field-centric data collection, and a wide variety of advanced decision support tools, such as benchmarking analytics and predictive crop models.

“Growers are inundated by data management providers,” said Kory K. Smith, General Manager for Phillips Seed. “Most offer one specific service to help farmers manage their data, but Farmers Edge has set a precedent in data integration by bringing field-centric data collection, processing, predictive crop modeling, forecasting, and machine learning into one platform.”

“Across different agricultural regions, growers are leveraging data from previous seasons to inform upcoming decisions,” adds Wade Barnes, CEO of Farmers Edge. “In farming, even if you have a great game plan, conditions change. What’s needed are predictive precision tools that can automatically adapt and react to these changing conditions, and that’s exactly what Farmer Edge offers. We’re combining Phillips Seed expertise in matching the right genetics with our data-rich analytics to plant seeds in the right environment, where they will thrive.”


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