#F2F18 News: Farmers Business Network Links Up with Amazon

#F2F18 News: Farmers Business Network Links Up with Amazon

Farmers Business Network (FBN) Co-Founder & VP of Product Charles Baron introduces Capt. Sully Sullenberger, the opening keynote at FBN’s fourth-annual Farmer2Farmer Conference, December 12, 2018, in Omaha, NE, at the CHI Health Center arena.


Appearing at the farmer-to-farmer network’s annual all-things-FBN bash known as Farmer2Farmer (F2F) this week in Omaha, NE, FBN Co-Founder Charles Baron detailed an interesting new partnership with Amazon Business for FBN farmer-members.

Now, according to Baron, Farmers Business Network members will be able to receive deals and special discounts from select FBN and Amazon partners while shopping on Amazon Business. The agreement also includes a customized Amazon shopping experience dashboard for each FBN member that signs up for a free Amazon Business account.

Some of the exclusive discounts and deals announced at F2F include products from Kimberly Clark Professional, Honeywell, Bosch, and other Amazon Business selling partners, according to a press release issued at the show. The partnership, the company states, complements FBN Direct’s somewhat controversial farm-input e-commerce system with a “broad array of farm goods, maintenance and repair items, office supplies, and more” on Amazon Business.

Immediately after announcing the new Amazon partnership from the podium at F2F last week, Baron had this to say: “And what that gives you is, that gives you your own Farmer’s Business Network account on Amazon Business, so you get added discounts on up to 10 million products, and this just gives you incredible access and discounts on all manners of good that you may need for your farm, of course not related to your input or agronomic needs. That’s available exclusively to you as an FBN member. That is brand new.”


Additionally, on Thursday afternoon before the assembled media at the week’s cumulative presser, Baron told the tale behind the inspiration that eventually led to the new FBN-Amazon partnership. Baron recalled being basically in the middle of nowhere, six hours east of Great Falls, MT, headed for a drone shoot with one of FBN’s growers who farms in “the remotest farming environment, I’d argue, in all of the U.S.” when he couldn’t help but notice a FedEx truck that had been following him on the same dirt road for miles and miles, the only other sign of life Baron had encountered in quite some time that day. When he arrived at his destination, so too did the FedEx truck, where the driver hopped out and quickly began unloading multiple boxes with Amazon’s signature smile on the side on the farmer’s porch.

Perplexed, Baron told the farmer he was unaware one in such a remote locality could order goods from Amazon. The farmer, who lives 30+ miles from the nearest shopping area, proceeded to tell Baron what a god-send Amazon had become for himself and his rural neighbors, who no longer had to make the long trek into town for every little knick or knack they needed around the farm, that couldn’t be procured at the local crop input dealer. Baron brought that farmer’s story back to the FBN offices in San Carlos, CA, and, well the rest, as they say, is now history.

Stay tuned to PrecisionAg.com and CropLife.com for more news from FBN’s Farmer2Farmer IV conference this week in Omaha.

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