Commodity Classic 2019: BASF Launches xarvio Field Manager for U.S. Market

Commodity Classic 2019: BASF Launches xarvio Field Manager for U.S. Market

Today, xarvio Digital Farming Solutions by BASF launched the xarvio Field Manager for the U.S. market at Commodity Classic tradeshow in Orlando, FL, according to a press release distributed by the Associated Press (AP).


The new digital product supports growers and agronomists to make better informed decisions on protecting their crops and increasing efficiency and profitability. Field Manager combines the standard visualization of field zones with two cutting-edge features – Spray Timer and Zone Spray – to provide growers and agronomists with tools for identifying field-specific disease risk and optimizing fungicide applications to improve crop production both economically and sustainably.

David E. Gray, xarvio Digital Farming Solutions

“At xarvio our goal is to improve and automate crop production even better than most of the available platform solutions. With Field Manager, growers and agronomists have many data layers available and with the status of their fields always at hand, receive field-specific fungicide application recommendations, and can download field zone specific variable application maps,” said David Gray, US Commercial Operations Lead for xarvio at BASF.

xarvio Field Manager supplements farmers’ lifetime knowledge by providing imaging technology, e.g. satellites, and agronomic models and data to enable growers to make better informed management decisions.


Key xarvio Field Manager features for the US market include:

  • Spray Timer delivers recommendations to growers’ mobile devices on the right timing for corn and winter wheat fungicide application by combining field-specific data (geolocation, crop rotation, crop/variety, previous applications) with variety data (susceptibilities, growth stage characteristics) and local weather data (air and soil temperature and humidity).
  • Zone Spray, now available for canola in 2019, incorporates satellite imagery to identify productivity zones and then creates variable rate fungicide application maps for use in growers’ sprayers. Zone Spray automates the process for growers to identify low productivity zones where a fungicide application is not economically beneficial. As a result, growers can more precisely apply fungicides to the highest productivity zones, making fungicide applications cost-effective in more fields and improve their economic return in a sustainable manner.

“Farmers are under pressure to increase productivity, while doing so through sustainable and safe methods. xarvio’s Field Manager is the latest development in digital farming solutions that leverages available data and innovative technologies to help farmers address these challenges to improve crop health and maximize productivity on every acre,” said Gray. xavio’s Field Manager is available in more than 10 countries and 8 different key field crops. Further functionalities will be launched in the US soon.

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