Botlink, SST Announce Integration

Botlink, SST Announce Integration

Botlink has announced a seamless flow of actionable aerial data into the agX Platform.


This integration makes it quick and easy for farmers and agronomists to put their drone data to work in agX Compliant Applications such as SST Summit, Sirrus, and Adapt-N, AgSolver, and others.

Botlink’s XRD LTE data-streaming hardware and Botlink Capture flight control software already make it easy for farmers and agronomists to acquire images and create aerial maps of their crops. Now, aerial maps created using the Botlink platform are automatically synced with agX, further increasing the value of the Botlink platform for agronomists and farmers.

“The quick and seamless transfer of precision aerial imagery from drones flown using Botlink to applications compatible with agX will help agronomists cover more ground accurately and efficiently,” says Botlink CEO Terri Zimmerman. “Drones that professional agronomists use today are now essential tools to improve crop efficiencies.”

Botlink’s integration with the agX platform enables them to provide their customers with an end-to-end automated crop scouting and analysis workflow. This saves farmers and agronomists multiple steps and reduces the time between image capture and analysis, meaning the data can be used while it is still timely and actionable.

Botlink’s partners are excited to offer this capability to their customers. Bret Chilcott of AgEagle, Botlink partner and manufacturer, commented: “Handling SD memory cards, manually uploading images to a computer, waiting for precision agriculture maps to be generated and then importing the image data into precision ag software is now a thing of the past.”

Botlink’s advanced technology now allows the seamless integration between drone and precision ag software. “OEMs are not the only players excited; ultimately, farmers and agronomists stand to benefit the most from our seamless integration with the agX platform,” said Alex Kube Co-Founder and CSO of Botlink.