Agworld, K-coe Isom Form Strategic Partnership

Agworld, K-coe Isom Form Strategic Partnership

Agworld and K-coe Isom have announced a strategic partnership that will see them integrating business advisory and technology to deliver enriched farm management experiences for both growth and profitability. Agworld, a worldwide farm management technology provider with offices in Sacramento, CA, Windsor, CO and Perth, Australia, partners with K-Coe Isom, a leader in food and agriculture business advisory with offices in all major U.S. cropping regions, with a vision of offering a “best-in-class” production agriculture ERP system.


Through this partnership, farmers will now have access to the robust information they need, and the consultancy to properly, analyze, store and use the data for long-term financial outcomes. “For farmers, this is a game-changer,” says Jeff Wald, CEO at K·Coe Isom. “Our customers value our agricultural business savvy, but without securing reliable data that can be used over time to make creative and financially-sound business decisions, you’re putting your farm at a disadvantage. We saw an opportunity to alleviate this disparity with not only a data collection system, but a comprehensive farm management system that we can use to manage risk and provide proactive advice to our clients.”

Agworld’s easy-to-use, single-entry farm management platform allows farming operations to seamlessly connect with the people and systems that make the farm work. Agworld CEO Doug Fitch explains: “Our software excels in collecting data from multiple sources, combining this in one single information ‘command centre’ and linking up on-farm operations with agronomists, financial advisors, ag retailers and other key farming partners and stakeholders.”

This partnership widely seen as the next step in linking the data flow between farming partners in the U.S. market place. Where traditionally data has been gathered on different platforms by a multitude of stakeholders, it is expected that we will see a lot more integrated partnerships in future that will make double-entry of data obsolete. It is in the growers interest to have all his partners working together in a collaborative fashion in order to service him as best and efficient as possible.


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