AgDNA Announces Dealership Expansion

AgDNA Announces Dealership Expansion

This week AgDNA surpassed their growth projections, announcing partnerships with eight new multi-store dealerships across the mid-west, mid-south and east coast.


The new large ag equipment dealers and agronomic service providers joining the AgDNA network include Horizon Equipment (IA), Koenig Equipment (IN), Mississippi/Arkansas Ag (MS), Natural Solutions (IA), Quality Equipment (NC), Sunshine Quality Solutions (LA), Tri Green Tractor (OH) and United Ag and Turf (TX).

Dealers who join the AgDNA network gain exclusive access to AgDNA’s Precision Platform, an innovative ag farm management software platform. The innovative software is a world first that connects directly with in-field equipment and combines precision agriculture, equipment monitoring, farm financials and spatial analytics to help manage a grower’s operation more effectively than traditional farm management software.

Now with 320 dealer locations spanning 35 states, AgDNA co-founder and CEO Paul Turner believes the company’s latest partnerships are a sign that both dealers and growers are embracing next generation cloud-based software solutions.

“In just a few years AgDNA has gone from a simple iPhone farm management app to become the most connected and comprehensive precision farming and financials platform available”, Turner said. “AgDNA recognized early on that the best way to help growers maximize profitability was to work closely with their trusted advisors that have deep knowledge of the machinery and local farming practices”, he continued.

“By listening carefully to the needs of our partners and their customers, we’ve been able to solve their pain points and provide solutions to address real-world farming problems. With good data, strong dealers and AgDNA technology, growers now have the information they need to increase
yield, lower operating costs and maximize profitability”.

The new partners join an ever-growing list of commercial large ag equipment dealers and service providers that are adopting AgDNA’s platform as their preferred method of customer farm management. With over 500 dealer locations across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand either selling or trialing the system, AgDNA is fast becoming the preferred platform for managing real-time connected farm data.

Noble Guedon is the Corporate Integrated Solutions department Manager for Goldman Equipment, a large ag John Deere dealership in Louisiana with 13 store locations. Speaking recently about the importance of data management, Noble believes that that AgDNA’s Precision Platform is an essential tool for any dealership looking to increase the productivity and profitability of their customers.

“The AgDNA Precision Platform is a tool that we use to help get all of our grower’s various planting, spraying, JD Link, fuel burn and variety information into one platform”, Guedon said. “Right now, some of the software packages out there have their niche markets and they tailor to that. AgDNA is a broad spectrum software platform integrates yield maps, management zones and financial benchmarking”, he continued.

“AgDNA can help any dealership out”.

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