Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in Agriculture

Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in Agriculture

In recent years, technology in agriculture, also known as AgTech has rapidly changed the industry, writes Daniel Newman on In 2015, the industry’s investment in technology reached a whopping $4.6 billion — and that was three years ago! However, our population is continuing to grow, which has the potential to affect resource availability going forward. In recent studies, it was found that the industry’s output must increase by 60% by 2030.


How do we do it? People in the industry — farmers, food producers — must embrace the digital transformation trends in agriculture. By using technology as a sustainable and scalable resource, we will be able to take agriculture to new heights, keeping farm to fork in our future.

IoT and Sensors in the Field

The IoT is disrupting the agriculture industry — in a good way. In fact, there is extreme potential for using the IoT within the food sector. According to a report by Cisco, there is an estimated $14.4 trillion in value at stake with the emergence of IoT alone. The IoT is simplifying and streamlining the collection, inspection and overall distributing of agricultural resources using sensors on equipment and materials.

Sensors placed strategically around fields along with image recognition technologies are allowing farmers to view their crops from anywhere in the world. These sensors send farmers up to date information in real-time, so changes can be made accordingly to their crops. I don’t have much of a green thumb, but if I had an app that would tell me when the plants in my backyard needed water or some other type of nourishment, I think I would be able to keep them alive longer. IoT sensors in the field are doing the same thing for farmers, but obviously on a larger scale resulting in higher food production with less waste — exactly what this industry needs.



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