Smart Farming: Mixed Reality and AI

Even in our modern world, farming remains a core industry, writes Vitaly Kuprenko for IoT For All. Human beings engaged in agribusiness are working day and night to increase crop yield and livestock growth. Mixed reality (MR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies represent some of the latest and most exciting avenues these agribusiness innovators are pursuing to transform classical farming into smart farming.


What Is Mixed Reality?

The new term “mixed reality” (or “hybrid reality”) is becoming more popular these days. It refers to the layering on of digital or simulated information onto the real world: a mixing of “real” reality and “virtual” reality, leading to one “mixed” or “hybrid” reality.

Whereas Virtual Reality (VR) transports you to a digitally generated world, Mixed Reality (MR) gives an opportunity to explore the union of a virtual environment and the real world simultaneously.

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