SciFi in Ag: Robots Could Take Multi-Hybrid Planting Next Level

*Article Notes: This monthly column takes some crazy sounding ideas and applies them to the field of Ag Tech. The purpose of this is purely entertainment, but hey, if we can spread ideas, or ignite imaginations, how awesome is that?*


There is always the fear that robots will someday, maybe soon, take over the world.

After all, Google has made some AI (artificial intelligence) that can write its own code based upon what the user wants by looking around programs already in existence. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before they write themselves into self-awareness and then we will have to give them their rights.

In any regard, let’s just start with AI world takeover with salad.


A company named Chowbotics just finished raising 5 million dollars to create a salad-making robot named Sally. It brilliantly uses 20 different food canisters to create more than 1000 salad combinations. Sally might even be able to drive itself to customers tables and deliver delicious salads right away.

The nice thing is Sally knows exactly how many calories are in each item you purchase. Want a salad with 250 calories, almost exactly, you got it, she will whip it up for you.

Aside from the obvious transitions restaurants will make in the next decade or so, technology like this can be applied to your precision agriculture plans down the road.

With enough AI built into your planter, technology like Sally could have 20 different varieties with a bunch more inoculants and fertilizers to deliver thousands of different prescriptions in each acre down to nearly each seed.

Imagine your planter delivering 20 different varieties simultaneously in each row and also across your planter while adding various amounts of inoculants and fertilizers based on each square inch of soil’s composition makeup, water availability, etc.

Data, data, data. Does this exist today, no, far from it; is it possible in the near future, you bet!

I wouldn’t hold off on trading your planter just yet, though, might be a while.

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