Satellite Imagery Added to Paramount Reports

Paramount Reports, a reporting platform developed by Ag Developer, was built to display data collected on the agX Platform in a clear and concise format that would best facilitate communication between trusted advisors and growers. Satellite imagery has now been added to the list of data that is being reported on with that same mindset with the introduction of Paramount Imagery.


Most imagery providers give users the ability to look at images at the field level, but not at the Grower or Farm level. Paramount Imagery was designed to deliver imagery at whatever level is desired by the user. The user is also able to search for images over a given time frame, as well.

Quality control is an essential piece of any imagery program, and Paramount Imagery offers a cloud cover view as well as an NDVI image. Having both images on the same report allows for quick and easy way of determining if artifacts in an image are the cause for differences in the NDVI image. Paramount Imagery is currently delivering five-meter resolution images approximately every five days.

Paramount Imagery is also pushing images into agX and is accessible in SST Summit and Sirrus platforms. The images can then be used for creating management zones or ground truthing. The combination of Paramount Reports and the use of SST Summit and Sirrus allow the user to have the best experience possible.


Organizations already using agX compliant software like SST Summit or Sirrus can easily connect their agX accounts to Paramount Reports by signing up for a free trial at

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