EFC Systems Announces Imagery Delivery Integration with Geosys

EFC Systems Announces Imagery Delivery Integration with Geosys

EFC Systems, Inc. has announced a new integration between its FieldAlytics product and Geosys Bridge API for direct delivery of in-season and historical imagery. With this functionality now in release, FieldAlytics users can leverage field-level satellite imagery layers and associate them to existing fields within their software for in-season field scouting, analysis for field variability management zone creation, or export for crop treatment recommendations.


“We are extremely excited about creating a delivery mechanism for satellite imagery. This will give FieldAlytics users the needed access to make determinations on critical in-season information and provide insight into their growers’ management decisions. We’re excited our users can view, purchase and download this information without requiring them to work within separate tools,” said Devron VonGunden, EFC Systems’ Senior Product Manager for FieldAlytics. The integration allows for both user and organization access to the imagery to be defined and takes advantage of the Geosys imagery archive to provide historic imagery to help expand insights around growth patterns for their crop health and Vegetative Indexing.

“This capability provides seamless access to market leading satellite imagery services,” said Ernie Chappell, EFC Systems’ President & C.E.O. “We see Geosys as a leader in imagery processing and delivery services for agriculture.”

“We are proud to partner with EFC Systems to allow agribusiness clients seamless access to our in-season imagery program within FieldAlytics,” says Dave Gebhardt, Vice President of Global Strategy. “The integration of the Geosys virtual constellation and FieldAlytics enables clients to access proven data from unique sources to help improve the decision-making process for crop management.”


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