Trimble Adds Mechanical Steering Option

Trimble has introduced is EZ-Pilot system, a new high-accuracy assisted steering offering price and performance that falls between the basic EZ-Steer and the high-end AutoPilot systems. EZ-Pilot controls the steering wheel with an integrated electric motor drive using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) guidance from the CFX-750 display or the FmX integrated display.


The EZ-Pilot system features a sleek design with the motor integrated into the steering column, providing clear access to the instrument panels and controls in the cab. The flexibility of the system also allows for unrestricted manual steering when the system is not in use.

Leveraging the new Trimble T3 Enhanced Terrain Compensation Technology, the EZ-Pilot system adjusts vehicle steering to compensate for rough terrain or slopes and hillsides. The system also Higher torque provides better steering of vehicles with more rigid power steering systems, such as floaters.

Finally, it is designed to be Compatible with telescoping steering wheels, allowing users to adjust the steering wheel up or down based on personal preference and fit without affecting the performance of the EZ-Pilot.


The EZ-Pilot system can be installed on approved vehicles while maintaining use of the original steering wheel, or may be installed using an optional steering wheel. This provides an offset that returns the wheel back to its original position.

“Our goal was to provide a steering system that gives our customers an affordable but high-performing option between our entry-level EZ-Steer system and top of the line RTK-level Autopilot system,” said Erik Arvesen, vice president of Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “The EZ-Pilot system delivers the high accuracy needed for precision operations, such as strip-till or row crop, at a very affordable price.”

The EZ-Pilot steering system is expected to be available sometime in September.

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Wanting to mount EZ Pilot in old style magnum 7230 tractor. When is there going to be a platform kit available?