Tallysman Adds 2 Triple Band GNSS Antennas To Product Line

Tallysman Adds 2 Triple Band GNSS Antennas To Product Line

Tallysman is pleased to announce the addition of two triple band GNSS antennas to our multi-band antenna line:


The TW3970 is a pole mount, or through-hole mount antenna, which is also available in an embeddable form as the TW3965. Both employ Tallysman’s Accutenna technology and are capable of receiving GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS G1/G2/G5, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5a+b plus L-band correction services (1164MHz to 1254MHz + 1525MHz to 1606MHz).

The TW3970 / TW3965 antennas have superior cross polarization rejection, to enhance multi-path signal rejection, tight Phase Centre Variation (PCV), and an excellent Axial Ratio; performance that is comparable or better than considerably higher priced products.

These antennas are ideal for precision agriculture, autonomous vehicles, and other applications where precision matters. The ability of the antennas to access L-Band correction services extends its utility to a wider range of applications.


The TW3970 is housed in a through-hole mount, weather-proof enclosure for permanent installations. L Bracket, Pipe Mount or Pole Mount.

The antenna is available with either a flat radome (pictured) or a conical radome. The conical radome is used in permanent mount locations to ward off birds and shed ice and snow.

The TW3965 is an embeddable antenna which is available with a wide selection of connectors, custom cable lengths, and can be custom tuned by Tallysman to ensure optimum performance within the customer’s enclosure.

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