Rawson Introduces GPS-based Speed Sensor

Rawson Introduces GPS-based Speed Sensor

Traditional radar guns can be affected by ground surface variations, potentially compromising the output of the unit. The ACCU-SPEED system receives signals from global positioning satellites resulting in more accurate, more reliable ground speed detection.


When put into action, the ACCU-SPEED warm start takes only 15 seconds, while GPS acquisition requires less than two seconds. Sky search requires merely five minutes.

The ACCU-SPEED features a magnetic base, can be installed quickly, and can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another. User-friendly features include a standard NMEA port for RS232 GPS/GIS; an indicator light that lets you know when you have acquired satellites; and three 57.5 Hz outputs for speed that eliminate y-cables for your monitor.

If the GPS signal is lost, the ACCU-SPEED will maintain the last speed until it receives a GPS signal.


The ACCU-SPEED system is waterproof and designed to withstand rugged operating conditions. This unit’s operating temperature ranges from 30 to 80 degrees; the storage temperature ranges from 30 to 90 degrees.

For more information visit www.rawsoncontrol.com.

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