Q&A: Trimble Clarifies Vision For AGRI-TREND Acquisition

Trimble’s announcement this week of the acquisition of Canadian independent consultant network AGRI-TREND raised quite a few eyebrows around the office. So we connected with Michael Helling, business development in Trimble’s Agriculture Division, to go beyond the press release.


EDITOR’S NOTE: All forward-looking statements below by Trimble should be should be viewed as unofficial, since the acquisition has not closed yet. The acquisition is expected to close by month’s end (November 2015).

PrecisionAg.com: What are the initial plans for AGRI-TREND’S integration into Trimble branded products and services? What’s the timeline on integration, etc.?

Michael Helling: “AGRI-TREND will continue business as usual with no change to the day-to-day operations. Upon the Trimble acquisition (expected to close by end of November), AGRI-TREND will have access to a Trimble toolset that can help both the grower and his trusted advisor increase efficiencies while improving the productivity across the farming operation. A few examples of Trimble’s agronomic toolset include PurePIxel crop health image analysis toolset, Soil Information System (SIS) soil analysis platform, RainWave precipitation monitoring, and the UX5 UAS system.”


PA.com: In the press release it states “Trimble Connected Farm Advisor will integrate with the AGRI-DATA platform. How so, and what should retail users of Farm Advisor expect to change?

MH: “A broader range of solution toolsets. A portion of Trimble’s toolsets (some of which are mentioned above) will be available within the AGRI-TREND coaching network. Trimble and AGRI-TREND will be looking at how each platform’s toolsets (AGRI-DATA and Connected Farm) can be augmented by the other.”

PA.com: The press release states that this acquisition will “create a combined offering that’s unique in the marketplace.” How so?

MH: “We believe that the combination of AGRI-TREND’s unbiased expert advice and Trimble’s brand agnostic precision agriculture solutions is unique to the industry today. Trimble’s global reach and breath of technology paired with AGRI-TREND’s depth of agriculture technical expertise empowers growers and their advisors to gain efficiencies not realized today.”

PA.com: Why this acquisition at this time for Trimble? How does this acquisition strengthen Trimble in both the short and long term?

MH: As Trimble progresses towards providing total farm management for the grower, AGRI-TREND molded well with this vision. With the acquisition of AGRI-TREND, Trimble can continue to provide a truly brand agnostic solution that spans across decision support and the execution of those decisions.

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