Outback Release Multi-Brand Automatic Steering Solution

Hemisphere GPS announced the release of eTurns, an automatic turn solution available for multiple brands of farm machinery. Designed for Outback eDriveX, Hemisphere GPS’ high-performance auto-steering system, eTurns enables farmers to automatically execute a turn at the end of a row, increasing efficiency and reducing driver fatigue. With the eTurns feature, growers simply  press a button and eDriveX will automatically make the turn and steer down the next row.


eTurns offers users the option to operate with a fixed turn configuration or change the configuration in real time for individual turns, allowing users to skip specific rows if necessary. Users can view the projected turning path on the Outback S3 display and once a turn is started, can view the actual path as well. After turning, eTurns improves line acquisition ensuring accurate row spacing from the start of each row, an especially important function in row crop applications. To see eTurns in action, visit www.eDriveX.com.

“eTurns functionality provides farmers with another tool to become more efficient and maximize their yields,” says Kip Pendleton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Agriculture, for Hemisphere GPS. “eDriveX has been a tremendous advantage to farmers and each new piece of functionality we add makes the product that much more attractive to current and future customers.”

Outback eDriveX with eTurns functionality and all other Outback Guidance products are available now through Outback Guidance Centers and through Hemisphere GPS distributors worldwide. Visit http://www.outbackguidance.com for more information.



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