Hemisphere Adds GPS Antenna

Hemisphere Adds GPS Antenna

Hemisphere GPS recently introduced the latest addition to its GPS product line – the A22 GPS antenna. The new A22 GPS antenna is designed to improve agricultural vehicle and equipment noise mitigation, providing strong performance in difficult radio frequency environments.


Hemisphere GPS leveraged its in-house expertise to tailor the A22 antenna for use with their high accuracy, single frequency GPS receivers, says Dr. Michael Whitehead, Chief Scientist for Hemisphere GPS. With its metal base and lower profile, the A22 antenna is designed to maintain its tracking of GPS and differential correction signals in a variety of environments. The new antenna will track GPS, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, etc.) and OmniSTAR L-band signals.

“In environments that typically have a high level of electronic noise, such as around the cab of a farm vehicle, our new A22 antenna will provide the GPS receiver with a reliable, steady stream of GPS and differential correction signals,” says Whitehead. “We have designed it with the superior ability to mitigate interference from radios, transmitters, and other peripheral electronic equipment. These design characteristics will help increase our customers’ productivity by reducing operational downtime due to signal interruptions normally experienced with other less sophisticated antenna technology.”

The A22 antenna is backwards compatible with all Outback Guidance systems, with the exception of Outback S-Lite. The A22 antenna began shipping with Outback S3 and Outback Sts guidance systems in December 2009. Outback S3 and Outback Sts with the new A22 antenna are available through Outback Guidance Centers, other distributors in North America, and through Hemisphere GPS distributors worldwide. Please visit www.outbackguidance.com for more information.


For more information about Hemisphere GPS, visit www.hemispheregps.com.

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