2011 Precision Product Review: Raven

2011 Precision Product Review: Raven

Raven Industries is gearing up for a bigger focus on wireless technology. “Now that RTK steering is more readily available through dealer networks and public CORS networks, we expect 2011 to focus on the wireless technology that has made cellular based RTK so efficient,” says Kristin Tilus, marketing coordinator, Applied Technology Division for Raven. “Now that growers have so much data coming in, we see wireless data transfer to be the wave of the future making USB drives obsolete to help streamline the process and make it more efficient.


“We also think the evolution of precision ag for planters will play a big role in 2011,” she continues. “The focus will likely be on achieving variable rate control, section control and seed monitoring.”

To take advantage of these trends, Raven has several products. Raven Slingshot delivers connectivity through mobile networks for access to a system of RTK correction signals, data management capabilities, precision ag equipment and online services such as remote support and vehicle tracking. “Zero line-of-sight RTK signal limitations provide uninterrupted operation and convenience,” says Tilus. “Slingshot RTK is compatible with Raven and non-Raven hardware and public CORS networks.”

Raven recently introduced the Slingshot API to allow other software providers the ability to leverage wireless technology in their existing data management software. “Ag retailers don’t have to change their software provider to experience all the benefits of wireless,” says Tilus.


The new OmniRow planter section control provides variable-rate seeding for maximum yields and savings. “The advanced controller and hydraulic motor-clutch design is perfect for managing populations by row or sections,” says Tilus. “Real-time seed monitoring and singulation reports skips and doubles. Plus OmniRow is Slingshot-ready for wireless RTK, data transfer, remote support and more.”

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